Keeping our nation safe is helped in part with Graham supplied equipment. The propulsion systems in our nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers employ Graham Surface Condensers and Vacuum Ejectors. Our experience stretches back to WWII where we were awarded the Victory Fleet Flag and Maritime “M” Pennant for outstanding production. We are familiar with all MilSpecs and Tech Pub specifications as well as SubSafe and level 1 material requirements.

Defense Graham History

Steam Surface Condensers

Graham designs and manufactures Main and Auxiliary condensers for surface ships and submarines. These are currently for nuclear-powered vessels, but we can supply units for any steam-operated ship. These complex, highly engineered components are critical to the ship’s propulsion system. We have successfully designed thousands of condensers in our company history for various demanding industries.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Using our 85+ years of experience in the industry, we provide state-of-the-art exchangers to meet the highly demanding Navy shipboard environment. Graham designs and builds these units to fully comply with the Navies’ demanding requirements.

Defense Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Defense Steam Jet Air Ejectors

Steam Jet Air Ejectors

Whether for Condenser main air ejectors or standalone use on vacuum drain tanks or freshwater distillers, Graham is the industry leader in the design and fabrication of ejectors.  Our years of experience building ejectors and condensers for the petrochemical industry allow us to bring a wealth of knowledge unique to Navy suppliers.  We can apply these efficiency gains from our commercial business to our Navy projects.

Engineered Solutions

Graham has used our fabrication expertise from the vacuum and heat transfer world to design and build several unique products for the Navy.  Some of these are based off commercial designs and others were one off specific parts for shipboard service.  If you can weld it we can probably build it.

U.S. Navy photo by Naval Aircrewman (Operator) 1st Class Aaron Abbott
U.S. Navy photo by Naval Aircrewman (Operator) 1st Class Aaron Abbott