Edible Oils

Graham Ejectors and Liquid Ring Pump Systems are in use throughout the world in Edible oil plants converting raw materials into finished products suitable for use as cooking oils and for other uses. Applications in edible oil refineries include hydrogenation, deaeration, and interesterification.

Vacuum System

Vacuum systems to support biofuel production is a growing market supported by Graham Vacuum & Heat Transfer equipment.


Typically consist of a Precondenser followed by a two-stage Ejector or Hybrid Ejector – Liquid Ring Package. By sourcing the entire vacuum system from Graham, you can be assured of robust, reliable operation.


These units typically employ four-stage Graham Ejector or Hybrid systems operating from 1 to 3 mmHgA. Reliable operation is critical to provide proper deodorization of the produced oils.

Ecofreeze system


Graham can provide our ECOfreeze vacuum systems for edible oil deodorization using our freeze condenser technology when maximum removal of condensable vapors is desired.